Be Discovered

Tips for Photograph Submissions

Submitting Professional Photos:

Talent should always include a resume, along with pictures. Our picture submission guidelines are listed below. In addition, if talent already has a portfolio, they are welcome to send copies of their photos.

Submitting Amateur Photos:

The pictures do not need to be taken by a professional photographer. Of course, if talent have professional pictures, they are welcome to send them; however, the agency prefers to receive emails of simple snapshots that give an accurate idea of the talent’s looks. Color photography is preferred.

Advice on Amateur Photos:

The following photographs are unacceptable:

  • Blurred
  • Dim
  • Overexposed
  • Excessive makeup
  • Too close (distorted model face or body)
  • Wearing layers and layers of clothing
  • Baggy clothing
  • Among a group of other people
  • Too far away (too much space surrounding model)

The following photographs are acceptable:

  • Clear facial features
  • Little to no makeup if amateur
  • Head to foot
  • Head to waist
  • Head and chest
  • Head and shoulders
  • Profile face
  • Profile body
  • Fitted clothing includes: Sporty, casual, swimsuit, formal, clubwear etc.

Submit Photos

Email photos to

  • Include your date of birth, full name, contact phone number